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The story of Michael Stavrinakis is the story of a man who found success in turning his restaurant into a franchise, and then dedicates the rest of his life to helping others find that same success for themselves. His motivation for launching Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting and Business Brokers is simple: he wants to equip others who are currently in the same position he once occupied with the knowledge and the guidance necessary to launch their own businesses to heights that they never could have dreamed of before meeting him.

Michael Stavrinakis’ Background

Michael Stavrinakis is more than just a man with a plan. He’s a man with the ability to craft specific plans for you to take your business to the next level.

Perhaps what sets Michael Stavrinakis apart is the fact that he enjoyed success in the business world at a young age, and utilizes that experience to help fellow business owners find the same success in their business.

In his early adult life, Michael Stavrinakis owned a small local restaurant. He enjoyed the business side of operating a small restaurant, but he always thought bigger. So one day, he decided to expand his horizons and franchise that restaurant- which turned out to be one of the best decisions he ever made.

Almost immediately after franchising his restaurant, he realized the full extent to which he could really grow his business- and conversely, just how profitable his restaurant could be to him if he continued to grow it at the rate he was. So he continued to franchise his restaurant and expand his business- until one day, he was able to call it a career as a restaurant operator. Before his children had left for college, Michael Stavrinakis had grown a business from scratch, franchised it, and grew the brand to the point at which he was able to cash out.

But Michael Stavrinakis knew that he still had a greater purpose to fulfill on this earth. In his eyes, it would be selfish for him to not advise other prospective entrepreneurs on how to go about doing what he did. So today, through Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting and Business Brokers, that’s exactly what he does- guide small business owners through the steps necessary to turn their small business into a lucrative franchise.


What We Can Do For You

Franchise Development

Are you looking to take your small business to the next level and franchise it? You’ve come to the right place. To learn more about how Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting and Business Brokers can help you grow your business into a successful franchise, please visit our Franchise Development page.

Franchise Brokerage

Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting and Business Brokers specializes in matching up potential investors with the right business that shares their goals and values, resulting in both parties enjoying a potential return on investment. To learn more, please visit our Franchise Brokerage page.

Restaurant brokerage

Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting and Business Brokers also works very closely with a restaurant brokerage firm that will work to help you buy or sell a restaurant. To learn more, please visit our Restaurant Brokerage page.

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