Confidentiality Agreement

Sales of businesses are extremely confidential.

It is of the utmost importance that all information, verbal or written, provided by Stavbiz Business Brokers (SBB) concerning any businesses listed for sale or lease REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL. Prospective Buyers/lessees, associates of Buyer/lessees and Buyer’s Broker/Agent (if applicable) agree that no contact or discussion with employees, owner of the business, or any of Seller’s/lessors vendors, customers, competitors, or affiliates will be made without the written consent and prior arrangement with the Seller/lessor and participation by Stavbiz Business Brokers. Any such contact or discussion with Seller’s employees, vendors, customers, competitors, or contractors, in breach of this agreement, which causes disruption to Seller’s business or interferes with Seller’s normal business operation may subject the Prospective Buyer to liability for damages.

The information will be kept confidential by prospective purchaser and will not be in any way detrimental to the business or it’s owners and will not be used other than in connection with buyer’s evaluation of a possible transaction with or involving the sale; provided that any of such information may be disclosed to representatives who need to know such information for the purpose of evaluating any such possible transaction.

Perspective buyer will inform it’s representatives of the confidential nature of the information and will direct them to treat the information confidentially, and perspective purchaser will be responsible for any breach of the terms hereof by its representatives. All information contained within the executive summaries and in all other materials was furnished by seller of the business. Purchasing a business involves risk and all parties are advised to seek legal and financial advice. Stavbiz Business Brokers has not and will not verify the accuracy or completeness of this information.

In consideration of information furnished and presentation to me of the places of business as being available for sale or lease, I agree that should I buy, lease or come into possession of any of said businesses within two (2) year from date hereof, that I will protect SBB’s right to a fee. I understand that SBB has a listing agreement or contract with the owner or their authorized agent, of the said business which provides for a fee for service payment. I understand that if I interfere in any way with the broker’s contract right to a fee from seller/lessor, I will be personally liable for the payment of that fee. I understand that should I become a manager or connected with any of the businesses listed or should I buy, lease, or rent the premises herein set forth, then fee will be due to SBB. I understand that a fee is due if negotiations have commenced or I have seen the business during the listing period even if the listing becomes inactive. It is agreed that if I make the purchase or lease through SBB office, I am not liable for the fee. I also understand that SBB may send me new listings for me to review.


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